Titanic Belfast

The Titanic Experience


Shosho was responsible for all the AV's in this massive overhaul of the Titanic Experience.

The Titanic Experience is the world’s most authentic retelling of the iconic story. The tour extends over ten interactive galleries where visitors experience the ship, as well as the people and city that made her.
Telling the story of the disaster and discovery of the wreck, giving insights to the visitors on what happened and why in a compelling manner using audio, video and animation.

Personally I was responsible for three AV’s, and supplied a helping hand with the others when necessary.
The three AV's I did where about the discovery of the wreck of the RMS Titanic.  One is about the top-secret US Navy mission that enabled Ballard to fulfil his ambition of finding the lost ship, the others about giving more insight into the new ARGO technology in combination with sonar.


In 1982, Ballard had approached the Navy about his new deep sea underwater robot craft, the Argo, and his search for the Titanic. The Navy, while not interested in funding Ballard's Titanic search on its own, ultimately concluded that Argo was their best chance to locate their missing submarines, and agreed to finance his expedition on the condition that he first investigated the two submarines, after which he would be free to use any remaining time and resources to hunt for the Titanic.




Art Direction


Production and Direction



Mike Bink

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