Independant 3D- Motion Designer and Art Director specialising in visual storytelling.



I am Robbert Klein, a freelance Motion Designer and Art Director with more than 15 years experience in motion design. My work is focused on visual storytelling and animated experiences, both on screen and environmental projection. I have worked with brands, studios, agencies, broadcast and museums.

I believe that collaboration is the key to a successful project. I have years of experience both studioside and freelance, running projects solo or as part of a creative team.

Based in The Hague, available remote anywhere in the world.




+316 48103488


Art Direction
3D Design & Animation
Exhibition content
Particle simulations
Pre production

Projects I have worked on

At Shosho (2022 - 2024)

Fortresse Holland - De IJzeren Eeuw
Rijksmuseum van Oudheden - Het Jaar 1000
Kaap Skil - Silver Dress
Nationaal Militair Museum - De Slag bij Quatre Bras
Van Bahia tot Brooklyn - Caribische Verhalen
Stevns Klint Experience
Refugee Museum of Denmark - FLUGT
Titanic Belfast - The Titanic Experience

At Kiss the Frog (2020-2022)

Museum voor Beeld en Geluid
LEGO House
Vrak – Museum of Wrecks
Maczek Memorial Breda

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